Enter the exciting world of numbers.

They are all around.

Let´s count!

Abaku is the most exciting game with numbers in the Universe. It’s a real game changer. Kid, parent, teacher, or just a casual player? Abaku is here for all of you. Discover the beauty behind numbers and boldly go where nobody hasn’t dared to go for a long time. To the realms of math.

It is both game and education. In very edutaining way Abaku supports natural playfulness and helps the development and perfect fixation of arithmetic skills and much more. It works for every child and every adult no matter how good at math they actually are.

Enjoy the amusing and adventurous journey into the world of numbers. Warning: The game raises addiction and love to mathematics.

Abaku Education

Abaku is already in use in many schools

Refresh your math classes

abaku-education6Children are the number one reason why Abaku exists. We boldly go where society hasn’t dared to go for a long time – to the realms of math, that as of today is rather ostracised and considered as a useless and unnecessary science.

Teaching math is hard? Understanding math is hard? One must have a head for numbers? Well, not with Abaku. No matter how good or bad children are with numbers they will master the basic arithmetic very quickly and their mathematical skills will improve notably together with the ability to combine and think both strategically and logically. And we stick to the edutainment principles so the best part is that the math will be once again a game for them and they will be keen to learn it.

But Abaku is not just a game. It’s a new and complex way how to teach math. Behind it lays strong, proven and phenomenal methodology of learning how to count without aid of visible mathematical signs. In the Czech Republic several schools already use Abaku in classes with great results and many of them participate in Abaku School League. Every fall Abaku School League starts and attracts hundreds of active players.

We understand that changing basic attitudes towards math is crucial during teaching and learning processes and that it is a big and complex issue nowadays. Positive attitude towards math is inevitably the key to mastering math skills and with it children will be much more ready to embrace whatever comes in their way. Math is a springboard to countless subjects children are going to learn and self-confidence with numbers will prove invaluable for them in following years. Abaku focuses precisely on this topic and shows children that math is nothing to be afraid of and that everybody can do it.

Abaku may help increase potential of arithmetic skills of the students.“, claims Hejny Method team.

Are you interested? Refresh your math classes with complex Abaku Education solution for schools including carefully age-targeted lessons, class management guides, tutorials, apps, diagnostics, various kinds of games (including Abaku Board) etc. All of that with Abaku.

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