Cubes are great. Ten cubes with coloured numbers are like a magic wand. You can play an infinite number of games with them; you can use them to build simple shapes, animals or even castles.

We also provide a teaching methodology for it so you can use the Abacubes independently or in combination with our other products. The games for Abacubes range from simple ones to more difficult ones.

One set contains 10 cubes with numbers 0-9, Abacube teaching methodology for elementary schools, and instructions. Everything neatly packed in a bag and in a box.

For every class

One set contains 10 special dice (0 to 9) in cloth bag and basic methodology. Recommended “school set” for the whole class (more or less 30 kids) contains: 15 bags each containing 10 dice (150 dice in total) in big bag. Complete methodology for K-12 students is available to download.


From 6 years up

1 set = 2 kids