One of the biggest challenges for us is to teach children to not only calculate properly but mainly to have a positive attitude to math and stopped being afraid of it. Our new application Abaku Education is designed so that teachers and children can use it together. It runs on tablets, personal computers as well as in internet browsers. It contains games and exercises based on Abaku. Teachers can decide how many children to work with and how difficult tasks they want to assign them. It allows complete administration of school account, classes, teachers, and children.


Games are an inseparable part of our application and the whole Abaku methodology. Playing games is fun and with Abaku children also learn new things. Our game exceeds the limits of a regular game – we have developed it to be primarily educational. We have prepared several games and their variations so children won’t get bored.


We know that teaching math to be fun is no easy task. But we also believe that nothing is impossible and that you need a good tool to do a good job. Blackboard sometimes is irreplaceable but today we need more than that. Electronic version of Abaku will give you the necessary flexibility and freedom, and you will be able to let your creativity run riot.

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  • FREE – Enjoy full version for one whole month. No strings attached.
  • FOR EVERYBODY – Abaku Education is fun for all the school. Nobody is left out.
  • EXERCISES AND GAMESLearning by playing and playing with learning. Fun for every class.
  • CONTACT US – When your trial version ends, tell us how you liked it. Your feedback is important.

In your tablets or browsers



iOS (Apple)




In browsers


(app does not run on mobile phones)

Few peeks into the app...

Price List

Family licence


For home teaching. With your kids, at your own pace.

One year licence for up to 7 users.

Class licence


Boost your class today! Best for small or middle-sized schools.

One year licence for one class with up to 35 users.

School licence


For everybody in your school. Great for bigger schools.

One year licence for unlimited number of users.

A few reasons why...

It runs everywhere

You can run the application on Android, iOS, Windows as well as in your browser.

For teachers and for children

Teachers as well as children come in the first place.

Individually or in group

We support both work in a group and individual work.

Child’s progress

From simple to complex tasks.

Games and exercises

We try to make exercise a game and vice versa.

Full administration

Administration of children, classes, teachers, and exercises.

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