Abaku Education App

The biggest challenge for us is not only to teach children how to count fast and well but to develop a positive relationship towards maths and break the fear of it.

Our new app Abaku Education sticks to that principle and allows both students and teachers to walk side by side on the path to knowledge. It runs on tablets, desktops and also in web browsers and is part of Abaku Education product.

Basically, the app contains games and exercises based on Abaku method. Both supports individualisation during the teaching process and teacher can decide anytime how big the working group will be and how much of a challenge will the students face. It also allows full administration of school account including classes, teachers and students.


The game is an inherent part of the app and the whole Abaku universe. Playful mind is a happy mind and with our app students also learn something new along the way. Abaku game exceeds the borders of typical games since it is educational by design.

There are several types of games prepared for you and your students and boredom is definitely not on the menu here.


We do believe that teaching maths is not easy let alone making it funny. However we also believe that anything is possible and that to make great work one must have a great tool to work with.

Blackboards probably still have their place in our classrooms but modern times ask for modern solutions and Abaku Education app provides you with much needed flexibility and freedom to work and allows you to unleash you creativity.


Family Package



For educating at your home. With your kids, at your own pace.

* max. 7 persons

Class Package



Boost your class today! Best for small or middle-sized schools.

* max. 35 students

School Package


unlimited users/year

For everybody in your school. Great for bigger schools.

Why should you...

Works Everywhere

App runs on Android, iOS, Windows and in web browser.

Evolution of Student

From simple to complex principle works in games as much as in exercises.

For Teachers and Students

The most important elements of education are always in the spotlight here.

Games and Exercisers

We want the exercise to be a game and vice versa.

Alone or in Group

We support both individual and group work.

Complete Administration

App provides administration of students, classes, teachers and exercises.

Are you interested?