Children are the number one reason why Abaku exists. We boldly go where society hasn’t dared to go for a long time – to the realms of math, that as of today is rather ostracised and considered as a useless and unnecessary science.

Teaching math is hard? Understanding math is hard? One must have a head for numbers? Well, not with Abaku. No matter how good or bad children are with numbers they will master the basic arithmetic very quickly and their mathematical skills will improve notably together with the ability to combine and think both strategically and logically. And we stick to the edutainment principles so the best part is that the math will be once again a game for them and they will be keen to learn it.

But Abaku is not just a game. It’s a new and complex way how to teach math. Behind it lays strong, proven and phenomenal methodology of learning how to count without aid of visible mathematical signs.

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Complex educational tool for computers and tablets.

Board Game

Fun and education for classes without computers.


Abaku dice for building castles, playing games and learning math.

Abaku Teaching

Textbook and worksheets for every teacher.


Improvement of attitudes towards mathematics with Abaku.


ABAKU in Math Education workshop from teachers for teachers.

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