• Want to solve lack of interest of even aversion to math education?
  • Want to motivate students better and more effectively?
  • Want to spend the time in class much more efficiently?

The math is most likely not the issue per se

Most of the time, it’s about behavioural patterns that block the attitudes towards math. We are able to measure such attitudes and address them.

We will recognise whether it’s a cause or effect and will suggest appropriate solution. We are able to diagnose few individuals and even whole groups. The suggested solution includes series of methodological  steps, which leads to the state of harmonisation. The diagnostic process is quick and online.

Under the lid

Colour association method (CA method) combines wildly acknowledged theories of association and colours. It’s different approach to diagnostic process and interventions as we know it from classic psychology and psychiatry.

Colour association technique is firmly grounded at neurological level of human brain and is valid.