Exercises in Abaku Education

1. What are Abaku exercises

Don’t get it wrong. Abaku is not just a game, but even exercises may be based on Abaku principles. Creating equations without aid of visible symbols can be used in many different forms and exercises are one of them.

Abaku Exercises are invaluable tool in the beginnings, when students only get acquainted with the very basics of Abaku, as same as in everyday routine in maths classes. Abaku Exercises provide much needed space for creating various interesting assignments from the easiest ones to the most complex ones.

Abaku Exercises are integral part of Abaku Education App.

Working with exercises

2. Creating Abaku exercise

3. Assigning Abaku exercise

4. Exercise Find operations

5. Exercise Find equations

6. Exercise Fill in the blanks

7. Exercise Rearrange tiles

8. Exercise Replace tiles