1437167295_other_conversation_review_comment_bubble_talk Frequently Asked Questions

What is Abaku?

Abaku is a new method of mathematics education. In a very enjoyable form it changes way how children perceive the math and how they master basic numeracy skills. This is not a tool for identification of mathematically gifted individuals but a tool that can make every child mathematically gifted independently of their current math skills.

But Abaku is also a game, or rather name of a game based on Abaku method. In essence, Abaku resembles Scrabble but instead of words, you are creating mathematical equations for which you gain certain number of points. But in Abaku, you are not using any mathematical symbols (+, -, /, * or even =). For example, by adding tiles 2 and 3 to tile 1 (already on the board) you create Abaku row 123 which represents equation 1 + 2 = 3. And such equations can contain even more subequations. For instance, by attaching tiles 2, 3, 4 to the tile with number 1 on it you create two equations: 1 + 2 = 3 and also 12 / 3 = 4.

Expanding this principle offers nearly endless number of combinations and variations and with skillful use of bonus squares players are also compelled to think how they place their tiles. Abaku thus becomes very complex game combining strategy, logic and education in one whole and won’t easily get boring.

Who can play Abaku

Abaku really is for everybody at any age. Even though its primary users are children there are no limits on who can play it.

If you’re a parent you can use Abaku and play it with your kids. Or let them play on their own.

If you’re a teacher you can use Abaku in classes and it will help your pupils to develop right attitude towards math.

If you’re a casual player you can enjoy the whole world of Abaku. You can play against the robots, against your friends, you can join the Abaku World League or play Abaku Campaigns. Or just play Abaku Board with your friends.

For seniors Abaku is great tool for facilitating mental skill.

See? There really are no limits.

How to use Abaku in Education?

We offer complex Abaku Education product based on Abaku. With our school products you can easily boost your math classes. We want to be the helping hand that helps children to develop positive attitudes towards math and helps them to acquire mathematical skills very quickly, by which they can befriend math and not fight with it evermore. But it’s not just about the game.

Math is an essential part of every national curriculum and a fundamental prerequisite for many ensuing sciences and thus the self-confidence with numbers gained in early start is an important piece for supporting well educated children and well educated society. Yet, especially nowadays teaching and learning math is perceived as a particularly complex issue and we can help you and the children with it in three consecutive steps:

  1. We measure and evaluate the children’s attitudes towards math.
  2. We suggest appropriate steps of how to include Abaku in the classes.
  3. We measure and evaluate the attitudes again to see how they’ve changed.

Selecting appropriate form of teaching with Abaku is one of key elements of our solution. Along with our hero product Abaku Education App we provide you with methodical background, ready-to-use teaching materials, ready-to-use activities, diagnostic tool or thorough teaching seminars.

There is much more beyond limits of this FAQ, so feel free to contact us on any subject.

Where can I get or play Abaku?

For schools we have prepared complex product called Abaku Education which we will be happy to discuss with you if you are interested.

And good new for players! New version of Abaku with World League, campaigns, competing against robots or friends and many more is on the way. Follow us and stay tuned.

Wanna try and play the old version? Try it at hry.cz/abaku or liga.abaku.cz.