Fun, mathematics, and homeschooling are a perfect match.

  • Are you looking for something you can
    learn together with your child?
  • Are you looking for something that will
    help your child to improve at school?
  • Are you looking for an efficient
    tool for homeschooling?

App for Family


All in the family

There’s no place like home

Each child is different. Each child needs something else. Abaku Education App was designed so that it would give your child exactly what they need. And you can find out what it is together – collecting trophies, playing against each other, against robot, or just with themselves?

Will your child want to pass various tests and overcome obstacles, or rather connect with someone from the other side of the world?

No pain, no gain?

The educational system in Abaku method us perfectly hidden. Children love Abaku because it’s not math – it’s just games. But in fact, it is a merciless drill that will teach them arithmetic. But we won’t tell them…

The plan is simple. Learn how to count.

Your child hasn’t learnt how to count yet? If he/she can’t do arithmetic, that is to simple calculate mentally they are going to have troubles to master more complex math curriculum. Mastering arithmetic is a key to the whole mathematics. And with Abaku they will master it easily.


100% verified with Abaku

Sometimes you can hear parents telling their children that they have to learn math because it’s an important subject. And you know right away that these parents didn’t like math either when they were kids. How do you know that? Otherwise they’d be telling their kids: “Come play, math is fun.”

Because we are parents too we know that there is nothing more important than to support the development and education of your child. Whether you are looking for an extra help or you just want to extend your child’s knowledge, Abaku is ideal solution.

Abaku in action