Abaku game is one of the pillars of our application. Do not be mistaken, it’s not just a pastime. On the contrary, it is primarily a learning tool which helps children to acquire many skills without even noticing they are actually learning.

We tried to design the games so that they would develop not only calculation skills but also the ability to combine and think logically, strategically and spatially. And that is not all; for example, a game of two players significantly develops relations among kids and teaches them to communicate or stick to the rules. We are well aware that each child prefers different style of game. Some need to be alone, others like challenges. That is why we have prepared three
basic types of games for you and the children.

Abaku Games are integral part of Abaku Education App.

Play with us

With robots

A game with a robot is an excellent choice for those who want to play against the computer. After all, who would not want to know if they’re better than the computer.

We have prepared robots of various levels of difficulty so that everyone can find their opponent and even a complete beginner can play. And for experienced players we are permanently developing new and more advanced robots.

With people

To measure one’s strength against a friend, teacher or parent – that is true challenge.

Game with another person will teach you besides arithmetic also concentration and self-control; it strengthens the spirit, cultivates character, and teaches you to communicate with the opponent and find a common language (whether in words or in numbers). All this within the principles of fair play, of course.


A great choice for those who have never played Abaku before. If you’re just getting to know Abaku, it’s best you played alone. Without interruptions. Without time limit. Without stress.

Practice makes perfect and that’s why in this type of game you can try everything in peace. How to draw tiles, how to work with the container, how to change numbers, how to read the history and statistic, how do bonus fields work etc.

School league and training

As you might have noticed the application offers the option to play in a school league. It is not limited in time (perhaps only if your license expires) and children can compete for the title of the best player in school or in their class.

Do not forget that this is private league of your own school and unlike the public Abaku League, children and teachers can only play with opponents from your school.

You might ask what is the difference between training and league duel. It is very simple. In training duel, the results are not recorded in personal statistic of players or in the league chart.