Games in Abaku Education

The game is one of the pillars od Abaku Education App. Don’t be confused, it is not just a leisure time activity. On the contrary, it is mostly an educational tool which greatly enhances various skills of the students mostly without them even realising it. The game is designed not only for improving the counting skills but also develop and boost ability to combine, and use spatial, logical and strategic thinking. The list is definitely not final and for instance the game between two players significantly develops their relationship and teaches them how to communicate better and how to follow the rules.

We know that each student prefers different kind of playing. While some need to play alone, others prefer to challenge a live opponent. For this very reason we prepared three basic types of games.

With Robots

Playing with robot is great choice for everybody who likes to play alone against a computer. Besides who wouldn’t want to know if they are smarter than a computer.

We prepared robot of several difficulty levels so everybody will definitely find appropriate opponent here and even an absolute beginners find their match. And for the most seasoned players we work on new and better robots.

With People

To compete with a friend or even with a teacher, that’s what we call a proper challenge.

Besides counting skills, playing with live opponents teaches students also how to concentrate and control themselves better, it strengthen their spirits, refines their characters and above all teaches students how to properly communicate with their opponents and how to find a common ground no matter whether by means of numbers or words. And all of that in the spirit of fair play.

Playing Solo

Best choice for everybody who hasn’t yet played the game. If a student only begins to understand the game, it is best for them to play solo game. Without a time limit. Without a stress.

There is no shame in not knowing and playing solo allows the players to take first baby steps at their own pace and to get acquainted with the very basic game concepts. How place the tiles on board, how to work with own rack, how to exchange tiles, how to read the history and statistics, how the bonus squares work etc.

School League and Training

You may have noticed that the app allows you to play school league. The league runs forever (unless you license expires) and your students may compete to find the best player in the school or even their your classes.

Keep in mind that that it is private league of your school only and unlike public Abaku League students (and teachers) may challenge only students from your own school.

Now you might ask what is the difference between training and league duel? Well, actually very simple. The results of training duels are included neither in personal statistics of each player nor in league ladder, which you can access from the main page.