Card games with numbers? Kids just love them. We offer you several basic games for both young and old kids, for beginners and for experienced ones. Cards are also an excellent addition to the whole Abaku method and a great help for keeping the kids motivated. You can play the games we designed or you may invent your own games with your own rules. Abacard methodology is ready to use and so you may use the cards as are or you may use them in combination with other Abaku products in your lessons. We have prepared games both easy and hard, so you can easily play them with kids of every age.

For every class

Abacards comes along with methodology for the educational games, and so you can use it as a standalone tool or in combination with our other products directly in the lesson.

One set contains 55 cards (0 to 10) in durable cloth bag. Recommended “school set” fitting needs of a whole class (more or less 30 kids) contains: 3 bags each containing 2 basic sets (330 cards in total) in one big bag. The methodology for K-12 classes is ready for you to download.


For 6+ years old


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