Abaku League

Second round is now ON!

What is Abaku League

Abaku League is an online numerical (math) competition recommended to schools by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. It runs at liga.abaku.cz. The competition is not intended for talented individuals only but it is also a real thrill even for those who don’t hold math very dear.

Abaku League is organised by AL.21 and Mensa ČR.

When, where, how

Abaku League starts in October and ends in April.

You may register your students during the whole run.

There is not even a limit for games played, so play as many as you want participate in this marvellous game which is said to be the best numeric game in the universe:)

League Final will be held in June 2018 at Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague under patronage of the dean.


Prizes will be listed during the course of the league.

For the teachers and students, there are comprehensive rules of both league and game prepared for their use. We also provide you with design materials for downloading in case you want to create some banners or other propagation materials for your school.

We wish good luck and great gaming experience to all players.

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Abaku Liga
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