What is Abaku?

Abaku is a new educational method that changes children’s perception of mathematics and the ability to master the basic arithmetic skills. It’s not meant to identify mathematically skilled individuals; it’s a tool that can make any child skilled in math regardless of their actual skills.

Abaku is also a game resembling Scrabble. Players have to put tiles on the game board and for that they receive points. But that’s where the similarity with Scrabble ends. Because there are no letters on Abaku tiles but numbers that should create equations on the board. Each equation can contain another one. For example by putting 2, 3 and 4 to a tile with number 1 we will create 12 : 3 = 4 but also 1 + 2 = 3.

Almost infinite number of combination and variants and far-sighted use of bonus fields forces players to think about where to put their tiles. Abaku thus becomes a complex game combining strategy, logic, and education. And it is rarely boring.

Who can play Abaku?

Even though Abaku is primarily used by kids, everyone can play it.

You can play it with your children as a parent. Or you can let children play by themselves.

You can use Abaku in your class as a teacher. It will help your students improve their attitude to math.

If you’re an occasional player you can enter the Abaku world as you wish: You can play against a robot, against you friends, you can become a member of Abaku World League, or play tournaments. You can also play Abaku as a board game.

Abaku is a great tool improving mental abilities for senior citizens.

You see? There are no limits.

How is Abaku used in schools?

We provide complex solution for schools, Abaku Education. Our school products will enrich your math classes. Abaku helps children to build a positive attitude to math and to acquire arithmetical skills in a very short period. This way, math becomes their friend and they don’t feel the need to fight it anymore.

Math is a substantial component of school curricula all around the world and it is a necessary precondition to many scientific field. Therefore, understanding numbers in early age is an important part of education of children as well as the whole society. Especially today, when math education is considered to be exceptionally complex issue. We can help you and the children in three progressive steps:

  • We will measure children’s attitude to math.
  • We will recommend steps to incorporate Abaku in classes.
  • We will measure the attitude again to compare the results.

Selecting the correct form of incorporating Abaku in classes is one of the basic principles of our solution for schools. Together with our premium product Abaku Education App we will provide you with methodical materials, teaching materials and activities as well as exercises and many more.

Where can you obtain or play Abaku?

For schools, families and even individuals we have a complex product Abaku Education. If you are interested in this product, do not hesitate to buy it contact us.

Do you want to try an old version? You can play it at duelovky.cz/abaku or liga.abaku.cz.