We believe that in a good school, children should enjoy the learning.

More efficient teaching means less work for you

Children love Abaku but their teachers just as well. Thanks to its ease of use, compatibility and playful character, you can implement Abaku in your class right now. The reward in the form of children’s attention and keenness comes immediately.

How does Abaku help you?

Individually or together

The needs of an individual do not always correspond with the needs of the group. Abaku Edu allows to apply individual as well as collective plan within one group.

Nobody stands aside.

Process is more important than the result

Our motivation is an emphasis on process not on results. Abaku Edu shows results but doesn’t evaluate them. Mistake is just a failed experiment. We don’t teach children our answers to our questions – we teach them to look for their own answers to their own questions.

Game is not tiring, it is educating

Abaku is not boring, it is motivating. Learning math with our method is not considered education by children, they see it as fun and game (“Mom, we didn’t learn anything today at school. We did Abaku”).

Class register, schoolbook, and exercise book all in one. Your data under your thumb.

We have developed electronic application Abaku in cooperation with teachers which perfectly completes other options of using the method in schools.

The offer of easily accessible summary and individual as well as group results will make your job easier and save your time. Keeping track of the progress and development of your schoolkids has never been easier.

Your time = Our concern. Do the count!

100 % of teachers actively using Abaku in their classes confirm that it saves time.

We will save the time required for explanation, exercise, and repetition, but we will also save the children’s time because they will understand and adopt the topic faster. How much faster?

A much more!

Do you want to know more?

Get in touch with our team of professionals.

They will be happy to assist you.

Individually or together

Abaku Edu provides complex methodology and didactics for teaching mathematics for school, class or individuals. Abaku Edu will freshen up the activities and will bring entertaining and motivational component in the teaching of arithmetic.

Online or in the class, you can choose from several types of games that will captivate and motivate children. Proficient and less proficient children can work together on one assignment, individually or in groups.

Implementation and mastering work with Abaku is easy even for teachers – the time-tested methodology is prepared for you in print form and as video tutorial.

You can experience fun, relaxation, and joy with children while working with numbers.

You can rely on our complete support – we will gladly answer all your questions and in case you are interested in Abaku, we will make an optimal selection from our offer to best suit your needs.

Process is more important than the result

Abaku Edu is a certified method of teaching arithmetic, acknowledged by experts on education of children, it is fully compatible with all methods of teaching math, and yet it is still apparent where it belongs in the first place – in the realm of childhood, maturing, and games.

This verified professional educational tool for teaching arithmetic is based on a set of games with numbers.

How can this work? We recommend you to try Abaku for free – you will see for yourself. In this case, personal experience is worth a thousand words.

It is sufficient to say that we teach children to read numbers and later to automatically compose various combinations of numbers. Abaku is playful and motivational.

The results will exceed your expectations – children who learnt arithmetic with Abaku are able to quickly reach 90 % of their natural calculating skills.

Game is not tiring, it is educating

Abaku has advantage over other teaching methods because:

  • Children understand the problematic quickly,
  • children adopt the method positively,
  • children are strongly motivated to improve their knowledge,
  • the method activates 90 % of natural calculating skills,
  • it’s fun and it’s easy – more than 85 % of children who worked with Abaku consider it entertaining and innovative,
  • more than 50 % of children who rejected math describe Abaku as great fun (“because it’s not math”)

Abaku methodology was developed during 5-year testing at selected schools and it is based on direct work with schoolchildren of the age 6 – 15. Since then, thousands of children have been learning math with Abaku and helping us to verify that Abaku really works.

Class register, schoolbook, and exercise book - all in one. Your data under your thumb.

The electronic application is not just a great tool for teachers, it is also game platform for kids. The application offers various math games and provides individual feedback. Children can track their own progress and collect trophies. They can play alone, with a friend, or they can play with someone from the other side of the world. And last but not least, they can participate in tournaments and represent their school.

Teachers can keep track of how children use the application and of their results. Teachers have a special access to the application which enables them to create or edit games and tasks, and save them in database or share with their colleagues. Games and tasks can be assigned with one click – individually or in group – and it is possible to watch children work on them in real time.

You can appreciate the whole range of possible uses of the application only after you’ve tried Abaku.

Your time = Our concern. Do the count!

More than 90 % of teachers agree that with Abaku children are more engaged in the classes, and more than 90 % of teachers observed that with Abaku the average knowledge in the class has rapidly improved.

But what is also important is the time saved. Just imagine that during one Abaku game, which takes 15 minutes in average, every child counts five times more equations than a teacher would be able to write on a blackboard during the whole class. Just imagine that even children who never liked math or never felt enough motivated, are now having fun during math classes. Just imagine that an average class of 10-year-olds is suddenly able to count better than an average class of 15-year- olds just because they use Abaku. Imagine a class where every child loves math.

We don’t have to imagine that. We have seen it and we keep seeing it at schools working with Abaku Edu. Try it and we will be here for you to help you and answer your every question.