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After many years of testing, we can now be sure – Abaku can activate the natural ability of an individual to count.

More than 90 % of teachers using Abaku confirm that children work better and harder during their classes with Abaku.

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It is easy to understand and like Abaku – more than 80 % of children who tried Abaku find it entertaining and innovative.

More than 90 % of teachers state that Abaku quickly improves skills of the whole class.

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We change children’s attitude to math – more than 75 % of children previously rejecting math consider Abaku entertaining and enjoy working with it even in their spare time.

More than 90 % of teachers agree that they would recommend Abaku.


One language for the whole world

Abaku is functional and flexible tool for teaching math. We are offering a tried and tested, playful and engaging arithmetic content for elementary and high schools designed to comply with all required standards. Its neutrality and modularity ensures full compatibility with different forms of teaching math in its whole scope (including geometry, algebra etc.).

And because the language of numbers is common to all people around the world, Abaku is truly universal.

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Do you want to have a better idea of how Abaku works? Are you interested in actual examples of its use in class or at home? The wide range of possible uses of Abaku is shown in our videos. Watch and find inspiration.


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We are proud that in Abaku more and more schools have a reliable support for teaching math and that thanks to Abaku more and more children enjoy arithmetic.

Join the schools that are working with Abaku Edu and allow your schoolkids to experience the joy of exploring math.

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